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Friday, March 24, 2017

What is the Difference? Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

Karen Actual Patient of Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng
Many patients are overwhelmed when deciding which sort of implants to use for their breast augmentation. Friends, family and even co-workers that have had the procedure will weigh in with what they chose and that, coupled with all the information on the internet, can make it hard to determine what's best. It's important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with an extensive background in breast augmentations to determine which option is best for your desired outcome. The FDA's extensive research on breast implants has determined that both saline and silicone implants are safe and effective. Patient satisfaction is over 95% following breast implant placement and it is one of the most popular procedures performed in America.

  • Both implants are proven safe
  • Both can look natural and feel natural; however, both can look "fake" and feel unnatural if not customized to the patient

Saline Pros and Cons:

Saline Pros
Kristian Actual Patient of Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng

  • Smaller Incision, as they are filled with saline solution after being placed
  • Easier detection of ruptures - It will be obvious if a leak has occurred as the breast will be smaller
  • Covered with a lifetime warranty if rupture should occur - the patient will never have to pay the cost of the implants more than once. If the rupture occurs within the first 10 years, the patient might be entitled to reimbursements through the implant manufacturer for surgical fees
  • Can be less costly
Saline Cons
  • Less natural feel
  • More prone to a rippling effect, particularly on thin women with little breast tissue to begin with

Silicone Pros and Cons:

Silicone Pros:
Cow Girl Actual Patient of Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng

  • More of a natural look and feel
  • The manufacturer will cover lifetime warranty if a rupture should occur - the patient will never have to pay the cost of implants more than once. If the rupture occurs within the first 10 years, the patient might be entitled to a reimbursement through the implant manufacturer for surgical fees

Silicone Cons:
  • Usually cost more than saline implants
  • harder to detect if the implant has ruptured (MRI might be required)

Since the Re-certification of new and improved silicone implants in 2006, the majority of patients are choosing silicone gel implants for their desired breast surgery.

Visit our Before and After page to see for yourself and read more about the breast augmentation procedure.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What is Botox (Botulinum Toxin)?

Cynthia Before and After Botox
Cynthia Before and After Botox

As American adults live longer and fuller lives than ever before, there might be a struggle to make your outer appearance look as young as you feel. If you’re looking to change your body so it mirrors your youthful mind and heart, Botox could be the solution for you. Botox is a botulinum toxin that is one of the most innovative and important substances to ever enter the facial rejuvenation field.

Botox is the most popular non-surgical way to reduce facial wrinkles and smooth frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead furrows and skin bands on the neck. Any facial movement, including smiling, frowning, squinting and chewing, can over time create wrinkles. Wrinkles are one of the most common signs of aging, and one of the quickest and safest ways to remove them is with an injection of Botox.

The word “toxin” can be a little off-putting for some, but Botox types A and B are both derived from a bacteria and then purified. Injections of the substance block muscular nerve signals, which in turn weaken the muscle. This makes the muscle unable to contract, which diminishes those unwanted facial wrinkles.

In addition, Botox can be combined with other cosmetic skin procedures to further beautify your skin. Procedures such as chemical peels, dermal fillers or microdermabrasions can provide the skin therapy needed to help prevent the formation of even more fine lines and wrinkles.

Your Next Step: To learn more about specific procedures that may be right for you, we encourage you to visit the Plastic Surgery & MediSpa office of Dr. Brett E. Stompro & Dr. Chester Cheng for a complimentary consultation. Our number one priority is your safety. We pride ourselves on our artistic, natural results and we have an impeccable safety record. Rest assured that your confidential cosmetic modification plan will be individualized to address to specific needs and personal objectives to create a more youthful image.

Brett E Stompro, MD, FACS and Chester K. Cheng, MD are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Impressive training and experience, as well as a wide reputation for honesty and compassion, have distinguished them as leaders in their field. Use our MediSpa online contact page or call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation at (925) 736-0401, or visit our website at to learn more!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Mommy Makeover Combo

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

During pregnancy, the body undergoes many dramatic changes, some of which are not very flattering. Unfortunately, the changes that naturally occur during pregnancy can sometimes take quite a toll on a woman’s appearance and self-image.

This does not mean you have to sacrifice your looks forever just because you’ve had a baby. With a few simple procedures, you can look better than before.

Of course, a woman’s midsection grows considerably during her pregnancy. Although the abdomen begins to return to some degree of normalcy immediately after giving birth, there are often significant and permanent effects of this weight gain. Even after you’ve lost that baby weight, the skin can appear looser, making you look heavier than you really are.

The Mommy Makeover Procedure

To help fix this problem, there’s a procedure called abdominoplasty - more commonly referred to as the “tummy tuck” - that can help you restore your abdomen. With abdominoplasty, you can look and feel better than you have in years!

In addition, many women also choose to get a breast lift after having a baby. This may involve relocating the nipple to a higher part of the breast. If you’ve ever considered having breast implants, this may be the best time to do it.

The size of a patient’s breast implants is always dependent on - and often limited by - the amount of skin on the patient’s breasts. Because of the excess skin that is typically caused by breast growth during pregnancy, women who have just had a baby may have more options for breast augmentation than usual.

It’s important to note that breast and abdomen are not the only parts of your body that may change during pregnancy. In fact, most women store fat all over their bodies while they are pregnant. Ultrasonic liposuction also referred to as ultrasonic liposculpture, is a procedure that can treat this additional weight gain, and it can be done on parts of the body that cannot be treated with manual liposuction.

See Mommy Makeover Before and After Pictures

If you would like to improve the way your body looks after having a baby, the mommy makeover cosmetic surgery may be the perfect solution for you. To find out more about these and all our procedures, or to schedule a private consultation for a mommy makeover visit Brett E. Stompro, MD & Chester K. Cheng, MD to use our online contact form or call (925) 736-0401 today.

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