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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eyelid Lift Procedure

For Your Eyes Only...

They say that with age comes wisdom. What no one likes to note, however, is that wisdom often comes with wrinkles. If you’re noticing the wrinkles that come with years of smiling and squinting, an eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty procedure, might be the procedure for you. The skilled surgeons at the offices of Dr. Brett Stompro, M.D., and Dr. Chester Cheng, M.D., have helped many patients regain a more youthful look with this procedure.

An eyelid lift procedure removes excess skin and tightens bagginess around the eyes. While most of the wrinkles around the eyes are heavily etched into the skin, the tightening provided by an eyelid lift procedure will help produce a more youthful appearance. Laser resurfacing, such as Erbium laser skin resurfacing procedures, can also be used in conjunction with blepharoplasty for enhanced results.

An essential part of preparing for plastic surgery is consulting with your doctor to discuss your desired results. With blepharoplasty procedures, it is especially important to consult your doctor to establish realistic expectations for your post-surgery look. A blepharoplasty, on its own, is designed to improve eye appearance as much as possible in mild cases of drooping and wrinkling. Therefore, if a patient has very droopy brows it may not be possible to make a significant change in the upper eyelid area solely with a blepharoplasty procedure. This can be achieved with an additional forehead lift.

An eyelid lift procedure is a good start to gaining a more youthful appearance and is a satisfactory change for many patients. By keeping an open mind and developing a line of open and honest communication with one of our surgeons, Dr. Stompro or Dr. Cheng, you can get the look you aspire to.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If your eyes are showing an older age than you feel, contact us today and set up a complimentary consultation. The experienced surgeons at the offices of Dr. Brett Stompro and Dr. Chester Cheng will find the best procedure or series of surgeries to make you look as young as you feel!

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- Brett E. Stompro, MD & Chester K. Cheng, MD


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